Monday, February 13, 2012

Thattekad - Day 3 (Last Day)

Day - 3

The day started as usual at 6am, Girish took us to the same place near the hillock. Today the birds were very less compared to yesterday, may be because of previous day's movement. First we could see Oriental Honey Buzzard then followed many, yesterday i could not make good images, as they were so many species today I was clear which bird to shoot but decided to make some HD videos so started to take first few good pics then start video. This idea went well I could make pretty good videos of some species.

I will share those after editing the videos in my next blog. Today we could see the Heart spotted woodpecker but it was female yesterday was male. Then around 8 am Girish changed his plan and took us to a rubber plantation near by which was very good to see and photograph few more new species to the kitty.

It was a good morning session, after the sun became harsh we returned to the cottage. After lunch again 3pm we left but this time no guide with us, myself and Sanjoy went around the lake did some birding & photography. We returned back early because we had catch our bus from Aluva (50kms) from Thattekad.

The trip comes to an end with lots of new experience, new species of birds overall Thattekad is a fantastic place to visit again...... 

Sighting of the Day...
  1. Oriental Honey Buzzard
  2. Heart spotted woodpecker female
  3. Drongo Cuckoo
  4. Grey Headed Bulbul
  5. Yellow browed Bulbul
  6. Racket tailed Drongo
  7. Oriole
  8. Malabar wood Shrike
  9. Golden flame-back woodpecker
  10. Cuckoo shrike
  11. Darter

Video clip of Orange Headed Thrush

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