Monday, February 11, 2013

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) contd.........

Day 3....1st Feb 2013

Today we decided to be early at the gate for the entry, the gypsy arrives at 5-30am its chilling cold. We got the second position in the Que.. we decided to visit the Jamun jarra water hole, where we sighted all the tigers on 30th Jan but we were not sure because they din't show up on 31st Jan...... we went there and waited for 10mins no movements or alarm call also, so we discussed between two gypsy and all had different opinions :) then Vijay Gangolli comes up with an idea & said we will toss a coin, heads we move from here tails we stay here at the water hole. Ok now who has the coin because everybody is in safari dress code, Pranam found a coin, Mahesh tossed was heads, without any further talks just left the place drove to Tadoba from Moharli range(Jamun jarra) because we had heard that a mating pair tigers were sighted.

It was so cold I was frozen, but Mahesh had his nightmare, thinking we would stay in Jamun jarra he was not prepared for cold. Literally he placed himself between two seats of the gypsy telling me & pranam, if you guys sight anything pull me up..... :) we were a bit disappointed because we only sighted Indian Guar. Our luck changed while driving back we spotted  

       Wild Dog (Dhole)

After photographing these, few hundred meters we heard an alarm call from the deer, we were confused whether its for wild dogs or something else. We could not figure it out so left the spot to an one more entry gate & also a rest room place, we stopped there got down & went to rest room I had almost unzipped, our friend Aadi Nagaraj Gowda who was on the other gyspy in front of us saw a tiger crossing the road & there I also got the glimpse.. zipped & ran & jumped into the gypsy even our driver & guide were fast drove to the next jeep track where we expected the Tiger to cross the track from the road....... here he comes in front of our gypsy. Wow what a 

walk, super hulk just emerges out of the bushes on the jeep track & gives us a stare. I just took 8 frames and kept my camera aside & enjoyed his cat walk, an awesome experience.... ooooff even now I get goosebumps.   

                   Wagdho the huge guy

He has a scar on his right eye may be in a fight he has damaged himself.

Meanwhile our friends in the other gypsy missed the whole scene in fact even they were caught up with the wild dogs. We met them back at the entry point because we had not yet entered our gypsy so we had to come back make the entry, and our safari time was up we had to return to the main gate, ended our morning safari. 

Afternoon safari started, again first come first entry so by 1-30pm we were at the gate. We had lots of time to meet other photographers like Mr.Mohan Thomas & Mr.Thomas Vijayan (brothers) then Mr.Aadi Nagraj Gowda and lots of them from bangalore.... again this time same but decided to go to Tadoba its 20kms approx from the main gate, but no sign of anything. We were waiting near a water hole & one gypsy guy told us they sighted Tellia cubs near Tellia lake, immediately without any second thought just turn back on the way we spotted Leopard but not a great pic, it shied away. We reached the entrance of the lake to see this grown cub walking across the road marking its territory. Thus the tiger show came to an end with total five safaris....Six Tigers, Wild dogs, Sambar Deer, Indian Gaur & lots of birds.

L to R : Vasu Bellur, Pranam A Tilakam, Shyam Prakash RP, Kumar Pal, Vijay Gangolli, Mahesh Chand & Myself....... 

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